Rick Bacus

     There was always music going on in the Bacus household. Rick's parents and grandmother were musicians. It was pure fun for them as they had "day jobs" so they "played" music in the truest sense of the word ;)

      Rick began his formal musical education with piano at the age of five. He started taking private clarinet lessons when he was eight and continued studying throughout his college years earning a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baker University (1974). In the very early days... Rick's dad began to show him some chords on the tenor guitar and introduced him to some great American Songbook classics along with some valuable ear training. At the age of fourteen Rick went to work for a local retail music store (Mission Music Inc.) where he met a number of working musicians and teachers. Many have become close friends over the years and taught Rick by example the "business" of being in the music business. 

       Flashing back to the very early 1960's (once upon a time...) Ed Sullivan introduced The Beatles to America and a huge army of young teenage boys decided that this was THE BEST JOB EVER! Bass guitar was Rick's first choice. His attention turned to guitar  later just prior to his time with Morningstar.  

     Over the past 50 years, Rick has been consistently performing in the greater Kansas City area and beyond. His passion for all forms of music and his skills have earned him work as a music director, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, audio engineer, producer, educator,  and music consultant. Rick is also a two time inductee into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame for his work with Kansas City based Stone Wall and Morningstar. (see photo gallery) 

Favorite quotes:

 "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage"     Anais Nin